Hey, I'm Chloe, from Hertfordshire, England. I love to travel and explore new countries and have visited 6 continents to date (would love to visit Antarctica and conquer all 7!).

My first big adventure was on a trip to China with my school, aged 15. Two weeks spent hiking mountains, riding across the country on night trains and wondering ancient cobbled streets, and I was sold. 

Since then, I have lived in a national park in the Canadian Rockies, commuted via cable car whilst working in La Paz, Bolivia and road-tripped around New Zealand.

In between those trips, I studied for a degree in Climate Science and have been working as a meteorologist, forecasting the weather for the UK and Europe. 

Currently back home in England, I'm continuing to write about the destinations I've explored, and anything else that makes me happy and healthy, interested and inspired.  


Chloe Moore - chlobetrotter.png
Chloe Moore - chlobetrotter Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada.png

Living in Canada

In 2015, myself and a friend from university went on an American road trip covering 18 states that summer. Flight delays, cancellations and over-booked flights meant our airline credit accumulated and so I cancelled my flight home and flew as far as I could.. which turned out to not be that far, ending up flying just over the border to Vancouver, Canada.

Maybe it was the spontaneity of the trip, maybe it was exploring solo, or maybe it was just Canada, but I absolutely loved my time here. Almost everyone I met was studying or had a visa that meant they could stay here more than 3 weeks. It was at that point I decided that I wanted to get myself a visa that meant I could come back here for more than just a few weeks.

When we first arrived in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies in January 2017, the area was experiencing one of the coldest winters for decades. Daily temperatures hovered around -30°C and my hair would turn silver and freeze if it wasn't tucked into my hat and hood.

Two weeks in and we both got jobs working for the Lake Louise Ski Resort, living 15 minutes from the base, just across the Alberta/British Columbia border in Yoho National Park. Our winter was filled with skiing, watching lots of ice hockey and cruising around in our campervan as we explored our new home. We stayed living in Lake Louise for six months - spending summer in the park was even more magical. Super long, sunny days, spotting grizzly bear cubs on the way to work, and hiking the mountains on our doorstep on days off. 

Back home in England

Since September 2017, I've been back in the UK. Away from the Rockies' and the road tripping, I didn't know what to write about. But six months later, that desire to write came back. I re-logged in to my Squarespace account and begun blogging about whatever destinations I'm reminiscing at the time - I really hope you all find it entertaining and useful and have the best trip.